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get up, get out

Ready to feel the most alive you’ve ever felt and experience the best sleep of your life then come and join the other free range humans who have discovered how powerful it is to roam in nature, together.

a yoga life

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We practice anywhere, anytime, in ALL weathers!

Join me for a monthly practice including yoga inspired movement, breathwork and cold water therapy. Every session is unique, working with the seasons and the circumstances in that moment. It’s an opportunity to let go of the week and set intentions for what’s to come.

Across 12 months you’ll experience every season (sometimes in one session). You’ll learn that nature is nourishment and when you start to understand the way we are reflected in the cycles of nature you’ll find comfort in that and perhaps a new way of living.

You’ll build a strong body and an even stronger mind.

ready, steady, flow...

What happens?

Enjoy transformative, yoga inspired movement, and breathwork topped off with a cold dip (optional). We’ll finish by gathering by the fire to connect, contemplate and let go of the week to then start afresh.

Every gathering is unique, based on the season, the weather and the intention of the session.

Fly solo or bring your own pod to join you.

Let's talk weather

Like a metaphor for life the ever changing mood of the weather reminds us to be prepared for all possibilities, letting go of the labels of bad and good and welcoming whatever experience we are exposed to.

Most of us have become familiar with the idea that rain and cold are bad. They ruin the outdoor fun and should be avoided at all costs. Just for a minute imagine how different the world might look if you turned your face to the rain and let it dance on your skin, if you said yes to the outdoor experience no matter what the weather chooses to do.

Yoga in the Park

A 60 minute session within easy walking distance of a car park on a soft grassy surface.

Yoga Dips

A 30 minute walk over uneven terrain followed by yoga and a cold dip at the beach or loch side.

Seasonal celebrations

Held throughout the year to honour the seasons and the moon cycles - these ad hoc sessions often include silent disco and other activities in a variety of settings.


Classes run through all 12 months of the year, not just on the sunny days. You'll learn to stop fearing the weather and start enjoying it whatever the mood.

It all started at the end of 2021...

When lockdown was finally lifted I was so happy to re-open my in-person classes and step back into face-to-face group practice once again. It didn’t go to plan.

I spent the best part of 10 months like the 'Goldilocks' of yoga.

I’d lost my regular yoga space during the pandemic. In my search for a new home I found myself in spaces that were too cold, too big, too small, too noisy…the list went on.

By the Autumn of 2022 I had become utterly disillusioned. I felt I couldn’t offer people the experience I wanted (and they deserved) and my own disappointment was reflecting in the numbers of people showing up to classes. That’s when I made a choice to PAUSE and make space so I could get creative and find a solution.

I've run outdoor classes every Summer for a few years, always stopping as the colder months came to the fore and cancelling classes if the weather looked inclement. Despite this, I realised that my happiest teaching moments in the last few years were outdoors, whatever the weather and a small seed of an idea began to take shape.

What if I stopped trying to find the perfect venue? What if I said to hell with the weather and just went for it? It felt good. It felt right.

Wild swimming is another great joy in my life and yoga inspired movement combined with a cold dip has kept me physically fit and mentally strong through the pandemic and beyond.

Lightbulb moment. If it works for me, it’ll work for others too.

Welcome the Free Range Humans. We are an all-weather, year-round experience. We embrace the elements instead of hiding from them, or complaining about them.

I have a dream of groups of people gathering by rivers, lochs, and on beaches rolling out a mat and moving with the seasons. Perhaps through this immersion in nature, we can change our view of the world as we remember what it means to be resilient, strong and bonded…

We have weathered our own personal storms in recent years. We’ve each faced disconnection, loneliness and isolation. We're searching for things to make us feel better often falling on the safe space of Netflix and the couch. This isn’t the solution.

Gathering with like-minded people in beautiful spaces, dancing in the rain, howling at the moon; that’s where I want to be, and maybe you do to?

Join me each month and get your teeth into a regular commitment. A commitment to health, to life, to YOU.

STOP waiting for the perfect moment to start!

Is this experience for you (or not)?

  • You want to have a fully immersive sensory experience

  • You are tired of the same classes in the same spaces

  • You feel like you’re going through the motions and crave some deeper connection

  • You are glued to a desk / screen round the clock and want to break free

  • Your energy is low

  • You don’t feel fit enough to make a short walk (around 30 minutes) to the beach and back over uneven terrain

  • You hate inclement weather

  • You like your classes to be the same each time you attend

  • You are happy in your comfort zone and don’t crave new experiences

  • get the facts

    What if it rains?

    We are an all-weather event, which means we embrace the weather whatever it throws at us.

    OK so local weather isn’t always sunshine and gentle breezes kissing your cheek, often it’s gales, pelters and feels like the coming of the second flood. While this might not be ideal it’s real; nature at her beautiful, boastful best, showing you what she can do.

    How will I know if the event is going ahead?

    This is an all-weather event. Unless we deem the weather conditions unsafe, we will run on the days scheduled. We’ll keep in touch via Facebook and email.

    What should I bring?

    When you book any outdoor yoga session or event you'll receive an email with all the information you need from what to wear to what to expect. If you still have questions you can message me directly at [email protected]

    I'm new to cold water dipping

    You’ll be guided on how to safely enter and exit the water. The dip will be up to 3 minutes (with a longer option for seasoned dippers / swimmers). There’s no pressure to take the dip and you are actively encouraged to trust your gut. If you're not ready, don’t go in.


    Dipping / Swimming in cold water has some risks. Please be aware that you swim at your own risk and by signing up you release Lorna Green Yoga from any responsibility for your safety or wellbeing. If in doubt speak to a medical professional before taking part in an outdoor event.

    Is this cold water thing really good for me?

    Cold water immersion can be anything from taking a cold shower, a dunk in an ice bath in your back garden to swimming wild in a body of water. When practiced regularly it contributes to the body’s immune, lymphatic, circulatory and digestive health. 

    Because it’s a challenge to immerse yourself in cold water doing this regularly builds resilience and even has an endorphin boosting effect on your body and mind.


    The advantage of taking your dip in the sea is that magnesium rich seawater is thought to reduce stress and help you have a deeper sleep. With the added element of getting your nourishing nature fix outdoors you have a potent cocktail for wellness

    Is there a community?

    YES! We have our own community so you can connect online as well as at the beach. This is for FREErange humans only and I’m in there every day to share stories and keep you in the loop of what’s on the schedule from month to month.

    I want to be FREE range

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