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finally break free

from the hustle cycle once and for all

It's time for you to


Discover how to leverage ancient yogic wisdom and science backed mindset techniques to quit the hustle and still stay on top of your game.

it takes just 10 steps to



Living slow is hands down the most effective way to be more successful without burning out.

In fact, "Becoming Unbusy" could keep you smashing it without sacrificing your health, personal life, or your mental wellbeing.


Say yes to slow

Create your yoga toolkit

How do you slow down, manage your energy and still stay productive?

You create your own unique yoga toolkit. It’s the most potent way to supercharge your yoga practice with science so you learn how to not only be less busy but more productive and able to enjoy life without the guilt of ‘not doing enough’.

Change starts when you show up for yourself. So are you ready to:

  • Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about slow living.

  • Start building your unique toolkit of practical ways to stay hustle free that work year after year.

  • Become the most magnetic, productive, stress free version of yourself.

  • I’m guilty of hustle mode and if you’re here, you are too.

    Time is one of life’s most precious assets yet most of us rush through each day without giving it a thought or a value. The art of savouring time is all but lost…or is it?

    For many of us life in

    recent years has been

    non-stop from business to home

    and I think enough is enough.

    We are living in a world of constant

    email interruptions and endless

    consumption of everything from

    food to social media.

    The modern day scourge of

    busyness is everywhere.

    When you ask anyone

    how they are doing...

    the answer is nearly always “busy’.

    Too busy to talk, to meet up, to

    pause. The result is too many of us

    are doing far too much and

    neglecting the things that actually

    matter – health, relationships,


    We’ve become so familiar with this head on hustle life we don’t know what to do even the if the opportunity for rest presents itself.

    This course isn’t a lot of content to be consumed,

    adding to your already overstuffed brain, but rather it’s short snippets of wisdom followed by immediate action so you start to see change, fast - even when you’re going slow.

    Neat, huh?



    You’ll find tools and suggestions for dealing with your mind and the random thoughts that can so easily ‘hijack’ you. It’s jam packed with thought provoking examples of how to take a more leisurely approach to living.

    Think of this less as a course and more of a toolkit you can revisit again and again, each time perhaps gaining new insight or employing a strategy

    you’re now ready to adopt.

    What you’re getting inside my



    Becoming Unbusy is a 10 module step by step practical, interactive guide combining live masterclasses with short video trainings to give you the tools you need to slow down your life without burning out.

  • 24 / 7 instant and lifetime access (including all updates)

  • Live masterclasses

  • Step by step, bitesize lessons that easily fit into your day.

  • Membership to a growing community of like-minded thinkers who have had enough of the same old beliefs.

  • If you think this is going to be an easy ride where you sit back and someone else does the work, you are mistaken. The truth is you are unique, what slow looks like to you is going to be different to me. My job isn’t to tell you what to do to live the best life but to lead you to 'a-ha' moments so you can uncover your own truth.



    The first step to successful change is to make a decision. You are part way there when you join Becoming Unbusy but not all the way.

    I’ll show you that your busyness is a choice and how to choose a different path.

    We’ll get down to how you are unique and this is not a one size fits all solution.

    Finally you’ll learn that change is not a punishment. You get to ‘choose your own adventure’ and enjoy playing the game.


    Let Go

    Now that you are feeling good about your choices it’s time to ‘empty your cup’. There’s an old Zen proverb that says ‘a cup that’s already full cannot have more’.

    You have beliefs, ideas, years of habits that are keeping you stuck in place. Here’s where you let go so you can make room for something new.

    I’ll walk you through how to uncover these thoughts and break unhelpful habits.


    Build your Boundaries

    Boundaries do not mean you have to build walls and say no to everything (although I’m a fan of saying no to at least 80% of the things you are asked to do in a week!) they are about creating your own set of values – a personal policy if you will.

    Once you have your boundaries in place we’ll get familiar with the unfamiliar. With all your pushing and forcing and doing you’ve forgotten how to be still. That’s why you feel guilty when you stop for even a moment in your day.


    Small Changes

    Creating change that truly lasts is not a quick fix.

    Willpower alone is not the answer (in fact it’s the hustlers way to get stuff done) and not a very efficient use of your time. Often it’s a series of small changes that leads to the biggest difference. Slowing down is a habit and I’ll give you strategies and practices you can deploy even on your most stressful of days.



    Annnnnnd we arrive at everyone’s favourite – procrastination and just for good measure we’ll tackle self-sabotage too – cos they’re kinda buddies.

    Here you’ll learn how to deal with distraction, break avoidance loops and recognise when you need to step back and rest or when you’re just delaying the inevitable.


    When it all goes wrong

    Everything you’ve learned so far is great but what happens when life flips you the bird and turns everything upside down.Here’s where you learn resilience and how doing more isn’t always the right strategy when things go wrong.

    Change is inevitable and being flexible is your new best friend. When you have strategies to manage unexpected changes you can take on anything life has to throw at you.


    Rhythm & Routines

    We all have a cadence, a rhythm to the way we move through the world. Just like in nature there are peaks and troughs, an ebb and flow. I’ll help you uncover your own unique rhythms and create rituals accordingly.


    I’ll show you why you are not busy, but you do need to manage your time more wisely and I’ll share my favourite tools for doing this.


    Laugh at Yourself

    Adulting is a serious business, isn’t it? If I had known how serious life would get as a grown up I doubt I would have been in such a hurry to get here when I was younger.

    The good news – pop the confetti cannons and don your silliest sweater – is it doesn’t have to be like this.


    It’s time you learned that laughter is a key component to your wellbeing. Playtime isn’t just for your kids and you CAN stop taking yourself so seriously.


    Love Yourself

    Do you remember that famous TV ad for shampoo – ‘you’re worth it’? When was the last time you truly thought that about yourself?

    Here I’ll show you how your busyness is an act of self-hate and how to change that by introducing self-care into your daily schedule.


    I’m not talking bubble baths and spa days (although this is your journey so why not?) but something deeper, a little less time consuming and easier to implement at the office.


    Being Present

    In this final module I’ll dig a little deeper in to the power of stillness combining breath and body work to cultivate a calmer state of mind.

    You can no longer afford to keep living your life in the fast lane, here’s why.

  • The US Harvard Business Review estimates that the annual healthcare spending due

    to workplace burnout is anywhere from $125 billion to $190 billion.

  • Around 40% of people in the U.K. currently only take half their annual leave entitlements.

  • A UK wide stress survey found 74% of adults have felt so stressed at some point over the

    last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope.

  • The fact is people are simply more exhausted than ever before. Increased workloads, pressure

    to perform and juggling work and family commitments all come together in an impossible

    tsunami of doing.

  • Can rolling around on a yoga mat and taking time to pause each day change any of this?

    Living slow is an interesting concept – doing things slowly can actually make your experience more enjoyable and the product of your activity better quality. What would happen if we all rejected the idea that busy equals productivity and that your value is tied to how much you do?

    If we remove these ingrained beliefs and replace them with new, more empowering ones your perception of the world begins to change.

    What if there was a way to improve your productivity while reducing your busyness?

    This was my light bulb moment; when my own busyness became so toxic, I lost everything.

    Dramatic pause for effect...

    No, really I did.

    In my mid 30’s I filed for bankruptcy, lost my home, my health was in the toilet and eventually I even lost the relationship I’d been in for almost 20 years. I was left with a big pile of nothing and only my anxiety to keep me warm.

    I had been brought up to believe that leading by example meant being the first one in and the last one out every day.

    I’d repeatedly been fed the stories, “If something’s worth having it’s worth working hard for. You’ll never get anywhere in life if you don’t put in the hours”.

    Any of this sounding familiar?

    Fortunately after I crashed and burned so spectacularly, I went on a journey both literal and figurative.

    I moved to the Maldives, where I rediscovered the practice of yoga and found myself hungry to understand why I lived in a permanent state of disappointment. Why I was always tired and why it felt so itchy under my skin whenever I tried to pump the breaks on my life.

    In just over a decade I transformed myself from burned out hustler to slow living superstar. I’ve done the hard work (you can thank me later) so you can skip the burnout part and go straight to superstar status.

    But I get it, years of limiting beliefs have typically given you a never ending guilt trip that affects your physical and your mental well-being.

    You deserve to take time for yourself, to feel amazing. When you start to promote and validate your slowing down you change not only your own perceptions but that of those around you.

    The central tenet of the slow philosophy is taking the time to do things properly, and thereby enjoy them more. Slowness doesn’t make you lazy or mean you won’t ever be successful. In fact embracing slow doesn’t mean slowness itself, but rather it means doing tasks at the appropriate speed. Sometimes things are urgent and there’s a deadline, but let’s be honest most of the time you can afford to slow down, and get it right.

    Who’s this training for?

    If you want to work long hours, sacrificing your most important relationships, living for your work that’s absolutely fine. You do you.

    But if you find yourself nodding wildly like your head’s on a spring at any of the following then let’s talk:

  • You’re ready to stop working furiously and instead choose your projects deliberately and work with intention.

  • You’ve realised the systems you’ve created for yourself leave you drained and tired instead of motivated and excited about this life.

  • You’re ready to stop the go, go, go attitude and start taking your self care seriously.

  • You want to let go of the old paradigms that keep you feeling burnt-out and empty.

  • You are seeking lasting change not a quick fix solution.

  • You are done feeling guilty for not doing enough.

  • It’s time you learned to rest as hard as you work.

  • The mistake people make when they think about slowing down is going from 150 – 0 in the snap of a finger, but this is a painful and ineffective way to make long term changes.

    You can’t slow down quickly – ironic right?

    When you try to slow down too fast, you end up frustrated and exhausted from all the effort. Taking this approach leads to more stress, and ultimately the thing you were trying to avoid in the first place – burnout!

    Then I hear people say – this isn’t for me, I can’t slow down my life is too busy.

    Which may be true, but fact is few of us are nearly as busy as we like to think we are. If you’re like me you want to thrive in this life not simply survive it; living fast is OK for a while but it’s not sustainable long-term.

    10-Week Program

    Bitesize Lessons

    Weekly Live Masterclass

    What is it?

    Live masterclasses are combined with bitesize lessons that fit with your schedule. Think of this less as a course to be consumed, and more like a practical toolkit to come back to again and again. 

    When does it start?

    Get instant access to the online library and start exploring the slower side of life. The schedule for live masterclasses will be sent directly to your email.

    Where does it happen?

    All you need is access to the internet and a quiet space. You can join from your home, office or your favourite coffee shop. 

    This is your chance

    And you can master your time, leverage your free time and be successful all for one small investment of £197 (reduced from £1997) This beta price won’t be available again.

    No guarantee is the best guarantee

    Because I’m not here to waste my time with any opportunity seekers or serial course buyers there is no refund policy in place. I am so sure that if you commit to the programme it works, the end.

    If you are not serious or committed to changing the way you live your life don’t bother signing up. If you want to buy to see what’s inside, then cancel then this is not for you. I only want seriously dedicated individuals who are ready to take responsibility for their own transformation to be a part of this.

    Boom, mic drop

    Slow isn't easy. It takes courage and deep breaths to accomplish the necessary behavioural changes and allow everything to happen at its own natural speed. But, it's worth it

    I'm not done yet...

    Bonus #1

    Month of mindfulness

    bitesize moments of me-time in your day to help you flex your mental muscles without feeling like it's another check on your to-do list. 

     Total Value: £99.00 

    Bonus #2

    Bend don't break

    a complete guide to living with greater resilience in challenging times

     Total Value: £29.00 

    Bonus #3

    Private FB group

    Jim Rohn once famously said you are who you hang out with, so choose your friends wisely. You'll be part of an exclusive community of folks who think like you, finding accountability, support and meaningful conversations.

     Total Value: Priceless 

    I’m Lorna Green

    I show people how to live first and worry less in a world that doesn’t make it easy.

    I was born in Scotland, but the world’s been my home for over a decade. I laugh super loud and sometimes I talk so fast it's hard to tell if I'm still breathing.

    I love the weirdly ‘woo woo’ stuff, but I consider myself more ‘woo-adjacent’ meaning I like it with a side of science. From yoga to energy work, healing touch to mindset tools, I’ll bring together more than 30 years of education drawing on my own experiences to offer you a unique approach to slowing down, ditching distraction and making burn out a thing of the past.

    I refuse to take life too seriously, but I’ll get serious about the right things. Come and join me in this yoga life.